Tinted film when needed, Clear film when wanted

Let First Class Window Tinting help you enjoy your safest, most comfortable view as an authorized CoolVu dealer and installer. CoolVu is a revolutionary new product to the window film industry!

With CoolVu Transitional Window Films you get the best of two worlds: tinted windows when needed AND a clear view when wanted. This has never been done before! 

So, how cool is your view? Get your best view with CoolVu.



Here’s a quick look…

When the sun’s beating down, CoolVu Transitioning Window Film darkens to keep you cool!

Watch this 30-sec video explaining how CoolVu Window Films work to make your view the best view!

Watch this time-lapse video of CoolVu Window Film transitioning over bright sunny days, night time, and even in the winter!


The best view requires the best installation. 

We only offer professional grade, premium films
that will exceed your performance expectations. And

each window film we offer comes with a generous manufacturer’s warranty. We also warrant our labor for one year, guaranteeing an impeccable installation.

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